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14 April 2007

Chisme and secrets

I have a secret. Until further notice, it is still a secret. Don't worry there will be a time that it will no longer be a secret. Until then and only then, will I chisme about it with you.

I am so happy about it though! It makes me want to love puppies, sing, put flowers in my hair, and eat chocolate. Unfortunates, I don't have any puppies around, the flowers in the garden are all dried up, and there is no chocolate around. I'll just sing and play with the fallen rose petals.

Life is sweet.


Anonymous said...

No Fair...I wanna it bien juicy? hahahaha!

selecta bam bam said...

but what the big gosip about lol, anyways just stoping by beth, have a nice day form me to u with a logs of big hugs :)

Beth said...

Chica, it is good to see you commenting. Your Belize-Cali taste is much appreciated on my blog. Bienisimo juicy.

Still not authorized to fi say, but in due time, good fellow. Patients is a virtue... meanwhile, just that I am happy and smiling in the world.

Anonymous said...

haha my belizean-cali influence is very much appreciated huh? wait till i drop a lee nor cal slang...hahahaha! love ya chica

Beth said...

dude! nor cal and kriol inna deh same passage. Won't that be an interesting linguistically mixed up piece.