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31 October 2007

My Second Job

I have two jobs. One of them is a nice country teacher in a picturesque farming community. I put 32 miles on my mothers car everyday to go and come to work. But I love it. I have the funniest, most lively students despite the moody pre-teenness (see Preteen Girls) that comes and goes.

My second job is a pay back. I was a work scholar in my JC days. But when I failed my teaching practical in the spring semester 2007 I almost lost my scholarship. Given I still had a high enough GPA, they let me keep it on the condition that I do my five remaining classes over summer and work my time off this semester. I was in a crunch at the time and see that it I was my only option I took it. Not knowing the work scholar system was being reformed and I would have to work about double the amount of hours then I would have, I accepted the post as a librarians aid.

Two hours a day you will find me in the SHJC Library. I am usually here fro 5-7 pm unless I am late for my career job, which is pretty regular. I am still here two hours though. Being a librarian's aid is not the most thrilling thing. I usually keep the resource centre clean, book AV equipment to teachers and students, and make sure students do not bring their bags beyond the counter. Do not come intot he library with your bag when i am on watch. I am not a afraid to tell anyone about it in the nicest voice possible until they refuse to. Then I am not so nice.

Being that I have so much time to "idle myself", I have made a quick, general observation about the students of SHJC. SHJC is a small JC that offers eight degrees and has five departments. Disagree if you want this is what I think about the students of each department:

Computer Department: These students are usually the veterans of SHCJ. They know the ins and outs because most of them attend SHJC for three years instead of two. They are also the cool down to earth kids who hang out in the labs with the ac on and the music blaring. They are often seen chilling because last night they pulled an all nighter and their brains are full.

Tourism: Generally these are the people who don't have a clear direction in live. They tend to be living off of mammy and daddy's money. They are not as cool as the IT peeps but they want to be. Style seems to drive them They also seem to being hanging out a lot but I wonder if it because they are idle or tired.

Business. These are the people who own the world and they will let you know about it. They always bling and usually hang their cliques. The are often the people you got o if you needs some stings pulled.

Science. Although I share a house with a Environmental science person and she is a cool, open minded and down to earth girl, must SC majors are nerds. They are the type of people who will burn 3 gallons of fuel to save one tiger striped butterfly or a yellow headed parrot. They are the weird ones that are over zealous about their passions.

Teacher's Education or Primary Education. These are th most stress out, depressed people I have seen as a group. They cannot chill because chill in not int heir vocabulary. They are usually middle aged women or young guys with squeaky voices. Truthfully I won't want my children to be taught by my teacher education peers. They are the most narrow minded, and demanding people I know here on campus. I was one of them.

After Thought: Yes, Judy, I forgot the General Studies peeps. No offense to you, because I can't forget you! But the truth is, most GE peoples are well... just there. What is that major anyway?


Leonardo Melendez said...

This post is a hit. You're still the wickedest chick friend I ever had. I look up to you even more now. You're just like that Maya Angelou poem.

Domanick said...

yes we IT people are awesomeness!

Tracy Tillett said...

Amusing. I like it... You hit it just right.

freeze said...

Any IT majors in the house? Yaaaahooo
IT rocks!!!

chikken cindra said...

Ha! That was good...I only just graduated in 04' (fine art/environmental studies) so I know what you are talking about!

Long time no talk...hope you are well.

Beth said...

Leo: Thanx. It is nice to be noticed.

Domanick: How much chilling do you do?

Tracy: I am a teacher... would I lie?

Freeze... what can I say.... I will forgive you for that.

Hey Cindra! It is good to see you! I sort of lost touch. If I can figure out how to post the people in my blogsphere on my side bar like everyone else I would be better at keeping up. I was not an IT major!

Leonardo Melendez said...

I realize now how tied up people can get. I should have done this long ago. Try this link to learn how to add a list of links using blogger. If that's too much, send me a list of the links you'd want on your sidebar via email and I'll take it from there.

Beth said...

Thanx, DEAREST, you are my hero. I will add the rest later. Library time is over now...

Everything has a reason why said...


Domanick said...

when am I not chilling.

Vicky said...

hey beth,
i work wt these students u just described and i had never thought about them like that.

nice descriptions! i guess i'm both down to earth.. and i own the world too!!:D haha

Domanick said...

we are all disappointed that leo is the only person in your blog peeps section... what about freeze!!!?

Beth said...

Wait, Wait... I am adding you guys...

My library time is my computer time and both are limited.

Canopenner said...

I am applying for jobs that are 178 miles round trip from house.

so 89 miles one way.

I gotta call some people for a fone interview 2morrow.

Hopefully it will pay enough to make that worth it.

Beth said...

I can't beat that Canny. I hope all those miles are put on good roads.

Hope the interview went well.