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07 April 2007

Fairy Book Poem #1

I have thought about this long and hard... Here is a sample of my Fairy Book.

June 2004
A word or thought?
Joy Unspoken or sorrow revealed?
A sin found out or virtue hid?
Compromise or hope; what are you?

The calm after a storm,
Sweeping up shattered pieces,
A pause to recollect
Or excuse to rush more?

What is it that I feel?


Helbaby said...

Sounds like you had a lot on your mind and were uncertain of a decision you or someone close to you made or had to make.

Hope that whatever was on your mind you were able to over come and move on.

Beth said...

I wrote it the week I graduated from high school. That was a drama week. I had all the usually normal getting-ready-to-graduate problems as normal high schools plus more, because, lets face it, I was/am/will be abnormal. My heart was full of a million emotions at a time.
This poem is about one specific one though.

The Queen said...

Ah, the Fairy Book!

I'm glad you found it again!

Beth said...

I wonder if I am getting crazy... I am starting to carry the Fairy Book with me where ever I go and I flip through, rereading entries when ever I get a chance and show them to any person whom I deem worthy of them (just about anyone interested).

I seems to me that people are not as impressed with them as I am... Well, such is life. I hope they have a passion.

That reminds me! What is world that rhythms with passionate?