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07 April 2007


I know I might be overwhelming you with posts, but I love this picture so much that I have to post it and post it NOW. It was created by UC (University of California) students for a fund raiser. I personally love it. (It was made entirely from cans of canned goods by the way).


Helbaby said...

It's a cool photo...It's amazing what you can do when you have the time and imagination... Go Bob the Builder. GO, That would have been an amazing center piece at a "Bob the Builder" themed birthday party my daughter was invited was her second birthday party invite, this one was for the little son of the doctor who actually brought her into this world.

Beth said...

Did you take pictures of the party? I have a friend who takes a picture of their little girl at each party she goes to. The photo goes into the scrap book. Last time I checked they were going to their 32nd party. And she is only 4! That is pretty popular.

Since my brother, Bob, was a "reckanic" before he went off to medical school Bob the Builder has always been special to me... even if I have never seen a full episode. Bob the Builder is great.

The Queen said...

I love it when people take one thing and make it into another thing that they see in their head. That really is what art is about.