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08 September 2007

35 weeks left

I lived through my first week as a teacher. Even though primary schools throughout the nation postponed the first day of school because of hurricane Felix, I teach at a private school. The principal decided to not close. She turned out to be right. Felix didn't affect the well being of the staff and students. It rained almost every day, but I was able to impress my new colleagues with creative inside games and orderly classroom management. Two years of teacher's training paid off. I can't wait until the end of the month until it pays off my pocket.

Thanks to Hurricane Felix I lost a house watching job.... The people didn't go on their trip because they wanted to take care of their house. I was not crazy about watching an old farm house by myself, but the owners are great friends of mine and the house is close to the school.

There is so much to get used to. Getting up early to dress, make lunch and commute is definitely a challenge. It has not been too bad so far. I only forgot my lunch once. The commute isn't that bad. I have to cross the Belize River on a three car fairy so the time varies. I am usually home by 5 pm though. A lot of people are impress that I, a young woman, drive the distance everyday. Some have even asked if I find it tiring. The drive home is nice for me to recollect my thoughts, pray, mediate and just breathe. Even though it has only been five days, the drive home has become a part of my everyday life.

It has only been a week but I already love each and every one of my students. There are 14 of them. They are in standards 1, 2, and 3 (or grades 3, 4, and 5). The older ones keep me on my toes. The boys are inquisitive and the girls are sweet. They all are helpful and well manner. It is all so different they what I was prepared for! I thought private schools were full of posh, spoiled brats that are rude and snobby. These kids are down to earth and"straight" as we say in Belize. Looks like childhood is not confined to a status. I mean, given these kids' monthly allowances are probably large enough to paint my house and they do have no concept of thriftiness, but they are humble and don't look down on others. Maybe I can help them stay that way.... Any ideas?

The Doc, my brother who is studying medicine in Guatemala and his soon to be wife are around this weekend. It is good to see them. We stayed up too late last night talking and I feel thoughtless and tired today. Maybe next time I will have better thoughts.


Leonardo Melendez said...

You're actually doing it! I'm proud of you.

You're driving home too? If I could carpool with you I would, really.

"Maybe I can help them stay that way.... Any ideas?" Do you really think they need help? How about not expecting things from them in the future?

Beth said...

True.... I just don't want them to grow up to be snobbish rich people who look down on other and don't appreciate working with their own hands. I am old fashion though

Beth said...
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