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13 November 2007

The change inside of me

I call him "Dad". I even tell people he raised me. Although he was never any sort of legal foster parent, he has earned the right to be my daddy with his simple, stable presence in my life. I don't lie when I say what I say, but you all might not understand.

He says he wants me to be a pillar. Strong and stable. Level and dependable. He let me cry on his shoulder in gasping tears when the counsel of my family, friends, coworkers, boss, and other dear people and myself clashed and confused me. I thought I made a thousand mistakes and was a horrible failure. He said I was learning and was succeeding. Yes, he agreed, that there will come a day when my lessons will become mistakes and will no longer be acceptable but for now I just need to be keen attention to them.

Those of you who think I am not doing enough: I know my priorities.

Those of you who think I am too busy: I am building my future.

Those of you who think I am not spending my time wisely: I am striving to be balance

Those of you who think I am not being accountable to the right person: maybe you are not the right person, 'cause I know who I should tell about my life.

Any more questions? Feel free to let me know. I won't be offended but please don't come with FAQ.


Leonardo Melendez said...

You should know my response to this. I've known you for some months and I can testify that your judgment and decision making skills are backed by strong values. Whatever changes you make, I trust were decided by the strong Beth I know.

Recall that incident with that stranger you were telling me about? I know I thought it was crazy at first but I changed my mind about that. It's already happening.

Regarding that SHC site, why haven't they updated it? They were always busy people those IT people.

Beth said...

Thanks Leo. What stranger are you talking about? I forgot. Email me about it.... I am interested

I don't know about SHC website I just put it there because I wanted to put something there. I talked to Punjabi and he is throwing in the towel and getting another job. Maybe that has something to do with it....

Domanick Fabro said...

Father is the title, I believe, given to the person who raises you, to the person that was there through thick and thin. Cherish your father, time is infinite, but our loved ones are not.

There is a quote I've always like that I think suits this situation...

"Life is like photography, we use the negatives to develop."

Beth said...

That is so true. I used to always fight in social studies when my teacher tried to explain the members of a family. I hated it! I still thing we are too closed minded when it comes to valuing "family" that is not biologically related.

Who cares who's genes I have?

coolingstar9 said...

yes. I am coolingstar9, your father is doing a good job, I hope that you continue doing your very best, may all good things come to you.