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20 February 2008

For My Sisters...

I see you, my sister,
In the house down the street.
I see you, my sister,
even though our eyes seldom meet.
I see, sister, the dreams,
that ours hearts had.
I see how through the years
things went bad...

I see, I see, I see too much.

I see, sister, thin face,
your swollen belly,
I see your barefoot babies
their broke toys, dirty.
I see your bruised eyes,
and their hidden tears.
I see you, my sister,
live all our fears.

I see that you can't help
but to me despize
I see, sister, you know
the dream I'm about to realize.
I see, sister, you think
That I have forgotten you.
I see the hurt, sister
As my success comes into view.

What can I do? I see, both ways down the street.

I don't see the colour
Of your still beautifil skin
I don't see the old house
that you grew up in.
I don't see the boy-men,
that you let into your life
I see their voilence,
An your end of their knife.

We had our choices,
I made mine, and you made yours.
Our dusty streetis the same.
But some how, some where,
The pages of our books are different.
Why is that?

I'm coming slowly to the top.
But to you I promise,
I'll always see you.
I'll remember us in the beginning


Domanick Fabro said...

that was deeeeep....

Beth said...

Did I mention I wrote at in the earthly morning after tossing and turning all night?

Canopenner said...

I shlould call my sister.

coolingstar9 said...

Life is full of up and down. Lets face it, live bravely. my friends.
Have a nice day.

Beth said...

Call your sister? Why?

Hey coolingstar, I agree. We need to be warriors