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23 March 2008

Thoughts on Race

A young white woman walked into a "locktican"'s beauty parlor in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to get her silky blond hair dreaded. She had a slight British-Caribbean accent which was sort of out of place in the southern commercial centre and the very black neighbourhood. The Locktican was a young intelligent woman and had strong features of her Ebo ancestors. Making polite conversation, she asked the white woman, who was so obviously out of place, why she wants to go dread. The white woman's eyes lit up. She told of a banana plantation she grew up on and the socially injustice she saw on "deh i'lan'". She, despite her heritage, has see and hear the cry of post-colonial oppression of the "peepel". She has heard Mama Africa cry for the beautiful children stolen from her. She has run away from home, cut off her family and made "deh peepel" her people. At a climax she drew in a breath and said, "I make dar cry mi cry saka I one of dem".
The locktician looked at her through he mirror. "Honey," She said, "Who asked you? Your people is every people and and we all have problems. Justice is not in dreads. Nor does being white cause injustice."

Any thoughts?


Leonardo Melendez said...

Obama will win.

Beth said...

I think so too, but did you hear may say anything about US politics? Who cares about them. It is way over due that they have a non-white president.

Is he really black? He is kind "clear" to me. Is that the issue?

Leonardo Melendez said...

Hey, you're the one taking this off topic.

Domanick Fabro said...

hold up mek I get mih kriol dictionary fu dis

Everything has a reason why said...

aahhh.. lets see.. if the woman feels 'dread' then let her be dread.. if you are white and feel 'black' then so be ti.. it is not in the color of the skin.. but of the heart.

Leal said...

Implementing US Politics in a Creole story. Interesting, yet somehow out of place.

Beth said...

Leo, you started it. You know that I am distracted easily. Leal is correct out of place.

Dom, it doesn't necessarily have to be Beeliz Kriol. The Caribbean is bigger than us.

I agree Judz, but the issue is still different.

I must stay that I am a little disappointed with this discussion.

Domanick Fabro said...

uh.....*looks both ways*....... OBAMA!

Beth said...

Come again? Who is He? lol.

Kathryn said...

sometimes i think about going back to blonde

carrie said...

i am disappointed with the discussion, too.

when i lived in Humboldt County, CA... lotsa whites had dreads. we called them "trustafarians" cuz they were rich kids who decided to act and look poor.

but it mostly seems like an elitist movement... snobby, exclusivist. y'know?
it's like a fashion statement that "I'm not like you, but WE (the dread-heads) are all carbon copies of one-another).

if your hair doesn't start to dread naturally, it seems dumb to make it taht way. the original point was sorta that it was just the way the hair wanted to be.

luxury was never an aspect, was it?