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22 April 2008

Buying a new used car?

So a friend of mine calls up and asks me to do her a favour. She wants to buy a used car and she asks if i can look at the used car lot in town and check things out. I agree partly because she called in the middle of class, and my little ones were having fun without their teacher and also because I am a sucker when asked to do a favour.

Question is how does a person go about getting a new used car.... walk up and say 'hey can I have a price check on that one, that one and that one? thanx have a nice day'?

What would you do?


Roy Rosado said...

Hey beth,
i guess it would all depend on what type of vehicle your friend is interested in. be it a sedan, suv, truck etc. after having known the type she is looking for i would say when u reach the lot don't go directly for the one she wants. look around ask questions on other vehicle first before asking on the one you really want. because if you seem too interested in the vehicle at times they would alter the price so when u beat them down they'd be at their original asking price. just a couple things i've learnt when it comes to vehicle and purchasing. However; its just my opinion. many more things you can do..but perhaps this one could help.

Leonardo Melendez said...

This is easy. Anybody selling you anything will sucker, try to squeeze every penny out of you.

Check out Belize Autos.

Beth said...

Leo always has a website. That is his thing. Thanks

Thanks Roy.... that is much appreciated.

Canopenner said...

make sure you get a mechanic to go with you on a test drive and inspect the engine!