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24 May 2008


I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower.

Best-Sister Friend Roommate person: are you almost finished?

Beth the Bather: No, actually I just started.

BSFRP: While I need to pee!

BB: Well, hold on, I will grab a towel

BSFRP: No, its ok, I will find a tree.

BB: NO! Don't EVER Do that (while mocking serious concern and shock)

BSFRP: Why not?

BB: The nymphs don't like it.

BSFRP: Well, I am close to the nymphs and they let me pee on the trees.

BB: You are not close to them because if you were you won't pee on them. You Just think you are.

BSFRP: Not true.

BB: How would you feel if someone peed on you or your loved one? Trust me, they don't like it. You don't want to suffer their wrath.

BSFRP: What wrath? My brothers do it all the time.

BB: And why do you think most guys can't write good poetry?

Moral of the story. Guys who do write good poetry don't pee on trees. Stop peeing on the trees and let poetry live.

I am going to miss living with my best sister friend roommate person. We had some seriously funny and inspiring laughs.


Domanick Fabro said...

what the hell....

Beth said...

Embrace it. Fear it. Live it!

Canopenner said...

beth, there are no such things as wood nymphs.

Only bar nymphs.

Beth said...

Well, I would know about that... sorry Can.

Wood nymphs are to true....