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20 May 2008


I feel tired. I want to just sit around and talk but I have nothing to talk about....
Maybe it is because I am just a few days a way from finish closing my first year as a teacher. I sort of feel out of sorts... Not hopeless or anything, just as though I want my life to start now. Oh, wait, this is my life... It has started. Very good.

Lately, beauty has been a topic of conversation between my sista-friends and I. I came to the conclusion that there are three things about beauty. 1. We can be beautiful, 2. look beautiful and/0r 3. feel beautiful. I think feeling beautiful is important but not a priority. It is feeling good about your looks, you style, your manners, etc...

Looking beautiful is not that important because it is subjective. I get this all the time. Some people think I am just beautiful while other keep wanted to fit me. People see it as important though and they often judge you on their own perceptive of it.

My goal, who I want to be, is a person who is beautiful. I don't want to be the cynic I am so close to becoming right now, but rather I want to be alive with beauty. I want to be fun, hopeful, helpful, happy and just plain beautiful. I want to be innocent and clean, but wise and understanding. I want to be noble and cause others to be noble too. I want people breath easy because I am around. I want life to be abundant and full. I want to be colourful and strong, but sweet and lovely.

So, as I walk in this place of redefinition and change, don't expect too much from me, just you are free to witness the person I am becoming.... The Beauty that I am being.


Domanick Fabro said...

how u soh breggin

Canopenner said...

I think you are nice and sweet and I wouldnt change you for the world beth.

But change is unavoidable.

I trust you will make the choices and stay as beautiful as you are now for always.


and btw


Beth said...

Can I brag about that wonderful woman that I will be in the future, Dom? I am not her yet... The truth is I can be down on myself for so many thing, but, mi baali, I chose to trust the process that i am in. It is hard sometimes, but have faith....

thanks cannie, you got my message loud and clear... seeing you have no idea what I look like. I appreciate that.

Canopenner said...

what you look like has something todo with being beautiful?

thats contrary to everything I know.