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02 August 2008

Pardon my tardiness in getting the latest poll report out. It has been a few days since I have been able to use a computer. It has been on my mind though! I agree it.

Just a note. There was a typo in the poll. I accidentally said "What every Marteen does on the computer" rather than "Whatever Marteen does on the computer." I realized it after publishing it but was unable to fix it because someone had already voted. Sorry about that. I hope that it did not alter your choice.

I find it very delightful that all contributors are hardworking people. I am proud to say that no one would like to live off of allowance from there parents or sit around and talk with the cashier all day. It seem to me that we all are adventurous, thoughtful people, interesting in making a living. At End of the Street we like to drive fork lifts, organize inventory, and talk with customers, while counting money (make sure it is all there, people) and do mystery work on computers have primary focus in our idle summer work.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who voted. It is people like you who make End of the Street a fun and intelligent place to be.

Stay tune for the next poll. It will be published shortly.

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