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20 February 2009

Here I am

So I am 23 years old now. All I can say is that I am glad to be alive. Glad that I live in times like this time. We are in exciting times when things are pretty different. I press in on my dreams practicing discernment and learning when to wait and when to press in fearless and faithfully.

I am working hard and happy with the work that I am doing, but I am happy to know that I am not going to stay here forever. I wish things were working out faster, because I am 23 after all. But I know that bread throw on the water will return in many days.

Some times it is hard to wait, hard to press in, and hard to look forward with a smile. There are times when I think about only classmates getting married and having babies I wonder about the choices that I made concerning waiting. Then I think of people like Omar Landero, a guy in my high school 3 science classes. He is in Cuba studying to be a MD! Last time I spoke to his brother, he only had a few years left.... that is ending soon.

But then I see my sister friends and I realize I am in a good place. When I get the Word I will press in and that pressing in is going to be great! Just wait with me and see. I dare you.


Reema said...

Its ur bday?? Happy Birthday!!

freeze said...

Nobody likes you when you're 23

Leonardo Melendez said...

23 no way?! Glad to hear you're content.

Beth said...

I had a birthday yes Reema, it was the 15th.

Thanks Freeze for the song. i will check it out when I am on my computer and download it. i have a feeling this is going to make me cry and i should be a lone.

And Leo you will always be younger than I. You can't catch me down.