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06 November 2012

As I ponder for something to write, I ran through my facebook page.  Some how, my family and friends from far and near have sort of become my muse. I have realized that I love the family that I have never met physically and my friends, those I have shared my life with, either it be bits and pieces or huge chucks, continue to be strong places for me.  I thought that while I get to know my family that my love for my friends would diminish.  Not true!  I am learning to love them more, love them harder, love them more real.  It is not that I am finding my family to be bad people or anything.  Instead, it is because love, like a seed, grows.

See, I was estranged from my father's family.  There was a nasty divorce that sort of tore us apart. I grew up in Belize, close to no family except for my big brothers and friends.  I learned to 'adopt' family. So I have many many Mom's and Dad's and Tio's and Tia's and primos etc...

Really I was blessed now wasn't I?

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