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12 March 2013


I wrote this poem in honour of my brother-in-law. He is not caught up in the cowboy traditions, but he loves his animals, his land, his life with a passion that puts me to shame. It is an honour that he continues to share his cattleman experiences with me and Beloved.  Thank you Cattleman for inspiring this poem.

Tropical Cattlemen like this provide the rest of Belize with healthy free-ranged beef


The sun on your skin is golden
The bull-calve under you is holding
Its breath as you
Use gentle strength to brand it
Your name.
You sire its flesh because you love it
You love it because you eat it

Your whistle is singing
While the breeze is dancing
As you call your unruly herd
Softly you call
To herd them,
Move them to green grass
Cleaner water.

You silently watch the land
You see as far as you can
The sunsets are your art
The rise and fall is your purpose,
Your heart beat,
Recite this place like a poem
Yet you forever study….


Emilio Fernandez said...

Good morning how are you?

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I would love to travel and meet in person all the aspects above mentioned, but unfortunately as this is very expensive and my purchasing power is quite small, so I devised a way to travel with the imagination in every corner of our planet. A few years ago I started a collection of used stamps because trough them, you can see pictures about fauna, flora, monuments, landscapes etc. from all the countries. As every day is more and more difficult to get stamps, some years ago I started a new collection in order to get traditional letters addressed to me in which my goal was to get at least 1 letter from each country in the world. This modest goal is feasible to reach in the most part of countries, but unfortunately it’s impossible to achieve in other various territories for several reasons, either because they are countries at war, either because they are countries with extreme poverty or because for whatever reason the postal system is not functioning properly.

For all this I would ask you one small favor:
Would you be so kind as to send me a letter by traditional mail from Belize? I understand perfectly that you think that your blog is not the appropriate place to ask this, and even, is very probably that you ignore my letter, but I would call your attention to the difficulty involved in getting a letter from that country, and also I don’t know anyone neither where to write in Belize in order to increase my collection. a letter for me is like a little souvenir, like if I have had visited that territory with my imagination and at same time, the arrival of the letters from a country is a sign of peace and normality and an original way to promote a country in the world. My postal address is the following one:

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Emilio Fernandez

Emilio Fernandez said...

Hola Beth,
Soy Emilio Fernandez, quisiera darte las gracias por tu amable comentario en mi blog como respuesta a la carta que yo te envié. Con mucho gusto recibiré tu postal desde Belice, me alegro mucho que te guste mi blog, ya ves que es una pequeña manera de viajar con la imaginación por todos los rincones de nuestro planeta.

Por último, también quiero darte las gracias por darme la sorpresa de escribirme en español.
Te envío de nuevo mis sinceros deseos de salud y felicidad para ti, tu familia y amigos.

Emilio Fernandez

Beth said...

Hola Emilio,
gracias por escribir tan pronto! Me encanta aprender de lugares lejanos y es una de las razones por que hacer blog! Su blog es muy diferente de la mía, pero me alegro asi! Aquí meten con poesía, ideas y mis asignaciones en la universidad. Trato de mantenerme lejos de los pensamientos negativos,pero en la vida tenemos que enfrentar. Balance en todo cosas
Aquí, en Belice el idioma oficial es Inglés sobre sólo como 3 por ciento de las personas lo hablan en casa! La mayoría de la gente o hablar Belice criollo o español, pero nuestro español es muy diferente a la española .... pennusular así que me perdone cualquier diferencia.

De todos modos, es bueno saber de ti. mantenerse en contacto y no dudes en comentar sobre cualquiera de mis artículos.