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24 February 2007

Computer wars....

So here I sit..... the day after it was due.
It is Saturday. The sun is shining and the neighbour is weed eating his yard. The high pitched sound of the his evil machine is drilling into my head, and driving me insane. I am watching a house for some stranger. Something I have never done before; it looks like my good-girl neighbourly favours have turned into a potential livelihood. I hate house sitting, but this house is lovely.
Why don't I go home today? Because of what happened yesterday at school. The cool darkness of this ridiculously expensive house smooths me. The craze-driving weed eater "music" is penance. I hate the computer. Yes, sorry Leo and all my 'puter loving buddies, that is the truth. I know that "computers are the present and will define the future" and all of that. But I hate it nonetheless.
Why am I being so melodramatic? Because the heinous computer and its dark apparatus ate my homework. Nay, it ate more then just my end of the semester project and the last chance I had to get an A for a certain teacher. Next week exams start and I have to do my work over before Monday. If not, I will fail that class, and my aspired dream will burn while it is still in the process of becoming a reality.

I love the feeling of being remorse about my grade.... pity I, in reality, could care less.


Leonardo Melendez said...

Dang! You're right, computers do eat homeworks and assignments and final projects... You need to learn how to communicate with them but be careful not to abuse them -- they bruise easily.

Beth said...

What can I say? I am tough woman. I need someting tht can handle me not some needy creature that I need to be "careful not to abuse. Stupid thing should be able to take it.

Ironically, I am using a computer right now... but it is just that. I am USING a computer. No long term relationship with this fragil piece of junk for me thank you

Leonardo Melendez said...

Lol. Humor is good for the health and I can feel the 'healthy progress day by day' ;)

Beth said...

Don't think I am tough then?

Healthy progress? My emergancy homework is sitting undone while I write evil tool of procastination if you ask me.

(under my breathe)...hate dem computa