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03 March 2007

The Box Car Kid

When I was little, I read a series of books called "The Box Car Kids". It was about some orphans who used to live in an old box car and went on some pretty great adventures. Today, I was one of the orphans. No, there was nothing realistically sad about it, but rather, fun. My mother and I are watching friend's eight children for the weekend and I took them the high school fair this afternoon. It was great. The older ones glued themselves to the basketball games and other major events, and four youngest and I explored the fair. I was not a babysitter, but a comrade. We played games, watched the rides, and ate cotton candy (I still love cotton candy). We even jumped the creek that runs through the campus, rather then walk the long way crossed the bridge. While the older children lived it up in their teen and preteen mode of "hanging out", I became a child. Sure, I missed out hanging out with my friends, but I had fun.

It is a funny thing how I can be mature and grown up and ready to declare that I am "Phenomenal" one day and to ready to admit that I like to let the little kid in me come out to play the next.

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