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02 March 2007

Sacred Heart Fair

I wish I had a digital camera this morning. When I arrived at school to take my last exam, I stepped on a circus ground. The Fair begin tomorrow and today the high school students (who share the campus) had their parade. From three different direction three different worldly and sexist songs blared as students ran, pushed and scampered to get their floats ready to parade for an hour around the Twin Towns. Students did everything from dye their hair, paint their faces, and a even saw a boy with balloons under is shirt. I went to a very conservative high school and although I knew schools do such things for their fair, I was a bit bewildered to behold it, even though I was a little jealous that I never got a chance to do all of that.

Tomorrow I am working at the fair. I am going to do some of my community service and help people set up their booths at 6:30 am tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, I am going to take my friend's son out the fair. He is a sunny five year old and I think he will like hanging out with "his Bets" at the school fair.

Between that I have to go to my primary school. I start m practical Monday and I want to set up the standard three classroom that I am taking over. It is not that much of a mess, but there are a few things about the class that need to be changed to fit the ideals my supervisors are looking for. Somehow I need to write my lesson plans for Monday. I got 33 students in my class. This is going to be fun.


Leonardo Melendez said...


Beth said...

you just wait until I start yo give the full reports :)

Roy Rosado said...

Hey beth,
i guess u got ur hands tied now...wishing you all the best with ur new kids..hehe...must be fun in a way...i remember teaching students first time was with standard 5 students then after came 1st form and second a way they all the same...but u get the hang of things...and it all works out good..just dropping u a line

Beth said...

I love my children. Teachers are not suppose to refer students as "their children" but they are my children. One of my little boys invited me to his water balloon fight on Sunday. They are not my students.... they are my comrades in this thing called learning.