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22 March 2007

Idea Search

Once again, I am looking for ideas and resources. See, I am taking the CAPE English and Communication exam. For it, I have prepare a portfolio. The portfolio is to have different items with all sorts of wonderful information all about a topic of my choice. Because I love controversy and because I am going to be a teacher when I grow up, I am writing about gender biases in schools. Although I have written most of my pieces about discrimination against males, I think I should leave it open to both sexes. Let's be reasonable.... both males and females are discriminated against at some point, especially in schools.

So if you have any ideas, experiences, read anything interesting, or just want to say a few words.... let me know. You can be anonymous or our used as a source and quoted (however you feel). Whenever I get my items proof read and such, I will post them so you can enjoy.

As Bam says.... "Inter-racial, inter-gender power"!


Leonardo Melendez said...

I think this would be a very interesting topic. There aren't many Belizean publications regarding male discrimination and I suggest you stick to males only. A young lady sticking her nose in places most men don't even know exist and finding flaws shows a lot about the opposite sex. It's also sexy and artistic.

Correct me if I'm wrong but this topic will shed some light on issues overlooked in Belizean society, right? These are the issues that exist in abundance but are masked by something I'm hoping you'll reveal to us.

Please, share with us your finds.

Beth said...

My brain went on Easter vacation... I can't focus on the topic long enough to formulate any thoguhts about what I have read or spoke about with others.... check back next week.

Happy Easter!