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10 May 2009

Men! My frustrations

I had to hike to work on Friday. I got a ride from a from a fellow laborer, a one hand man who often drives an old beat up Side Kick and gives other commuters rides. Now, let me tell you about this Side Kick. It is a two door vehicle, but the passenger side seat doesn't have a back to it. The removable heavy plastic cover for the back has been permanently removed. The windows in the doors are always opened, even on raining days and the vehicle doesn't have a muffler so, as small as it is, it sounds like a tank. Needless to say the ride to work on Friday was cramped, dusty, bumpy, silent, and generally uncomfortable.

But I would rather travel like this than in the 2009 silver Hilux that I would normally catch on days I have to hike. I mean, really, who really wants to ride it in? The drive is a friend of my, a family man from my residential area. He is an intelligent, nice guy working hard to make his way up in the world and he is doing a great job of it. His son is doing well in school and his wife is a sweet trusting woman that supports him. Comfortable, stylish ride, great conversations.... I used to enjoy getting a ride from him, until the fateful day. He asked me to join him for lunch.

Ouch. Wrong move man. Now I fully aware of the fact that his intentions could be honourable, but I am not going to risk it. Life has taught me that most men mean something. There has been a time when I was naive enough to take him up on his offer all in the name of friendship and a good conversation, but I have learned that things like this start small with good intentions and can grow into something that I don't want to deal with. Besides, even if "nothing" grows out of it, I don't want to be known as the girl that has lunch with married men. Hence, I stick to catching rides with the beat up Side Kick, driven by the one hand man and have no conversation while commuting.

What is up with married men anyway?


Domanick Fabro said...

i have a 2009 hilux.... why u diss me like this beth?

Reema said...

Seriously! whats up with married men? I have one at my college too pestering me at times.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Hmmm. You gaan aaf Beth. I think you're being biased. 1 or 2 married man not equal to all married man. Very uncalled for.

PoetGuy said...

Haha Beth you're crazy, that's biased like ur bud Leonardo said, besides you don't even know if he was like just being nice etc, regardless think you're all too jumpy on bout this topic, lol made me laugh though

Beth said...

DOm, If you throw a snake in the crowd the one who cries the loudest got bit!

Leo, I am sorry I seem bias, but this situations like this happen too often. But to be fair I still hail the man when our paths cross. I am still nice to him, but from a distance.

I am glad I made you laugh there Postguy.

Reema, working with such men would in my mind cause me to redefine the term colleague.

Thanks for commenting guys

Leal said...

It might have been a friendly invitation Beth. But I guess its best to be cautious. Life is very different now.

Daniel H. Schluckebier said...

I think I agree, you should never let your guard down.

Helbaby said...

Beth, you are a gem. A one of a kind girl that makes us married women happy knowing that girls like you actually exist. I was the same way when I was single and feel there is a short supply of them in the world. You've actually given me a small glimmer of hope. Now I'm not going to be naive and think that all women are like that because for d**** sure they gots some trixy ones out there that even the good married men can't avoid.

As for the married men. I can only compare with those I know and from this side my statistics are sad. Heartbreakingly sad. I don't think about the ones that don't cheat... causes envy.

Really, all it takes is talking to go from acquaintance to friend to good friend and then to lover. After all talking is getting to know each other. Doesn't getting to know someone bring you closer to that person? For singletons its good. For those in a committed relationship it causes the "grass is greener effect."

By the way when I hear "good friend" from a married man's lips I get chills now.