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02 April 2007

Just thinking

If I gave you the authority to change my profile and write anything you wanted, what would you write. I am in a very self-centered mood right now and I need food for thought. Just for discussion... how would you write my profile?


Leonardo Melendez said...

A description of Beth Andrus — right out of my head, in the following order:

white, talkative, weird laughing, smart, caring, hard working, responsible, involved, hyper, wicked eyes, strong mind, female, fit, ice-cream, banana, observant, raisin, California, wood nymph, Sacred Heart, patient, I'm hungry what's for dinner?

Beth said...

Ice cream sundae with nuts!

Definitely not spegetti, that's for sure....looks like you've been having too much of that!

Why did you have to expose my whiteness to the world? Just when I began to wonder how long it was going to last.... Oh well.

The Queen said...

I would write:

I am a mysterious girl who comes from many places and will go to many places.

I'm romantic, but practical. I'm both an artist and an artisan.

I am the Queen of Wands.


Beth said...

Queen of Wands.... lovely, but then, I am still learning about to be an ordinary princess.... I'll be chewing on this one for a while.