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28 April 2007


Here are some notes from this weeks report from my practical: I need to focus more on my practical. I have too much going on, they say. How do I except to improve and get everything down if I am involved in so much?

I wonder if they really knew how much I do to focus. I quit my part time job and am living off of my mother's salary (a very humbling experience since I have been jamming and giving her money since I was 17). I didn't join the basketball team this year. I am not taking those extra computer classes like I wanted. I don't have a boyfriend (of reasons other then practical..but still). I have pretty much shunned on my human friends for the last six weeks. Granted, I do house sit, attend an occasional basketball game on Friday or Saturdays, but I do that wisely...I only go if I know my Dad is going and I can spend some quality time with him. I still blog often and I do go to church regularly. But I love to say it... with the exception of house sitting, I think I would go mad if I cut those things off. After I talked to my supervisor last night, I went to the basketball game just for spite. Do they really think I can have no life? I know they are just trying to be helpful and point out areas where I can do better, but please!

I am still in love with my students. As much heart ache as the "professionals" give me, those kids make me so happy. Since yesterday was a half day (payday for the professionals), I hung out with some of them. I taught Florita how to divide fractions and found out that Tanya doesn't realize how she is pretty and that Jordan plays way too many violent video games. The valuable stuff.

In other news. Agric is this weekend. This is the first time ever that I am going to miss out in the Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan. I am just tired. I plan to sleep, clean, and write lesson plans this weekend. This made me realize that I am not doing the stuff I normally do. I got a C in a class, missed out on La Ruta Maya, didn't work during Christmas, didn't go to Pg for Easter, and much more. I didn't realize that I was so traditional until I started thinking about all the stuff I used to do until this year.

Labour Day is next week. I am looking forward for the day off on Tuesday although i wish they would have given it on Monday. A long weekend would have been nice.


Roy Rosado said...

hmm....yeah..maybe u do get into too much least its not all the other stuffs u were saying too..maybe u need to focus only on a couple of the one's u think are more just what i think...don't know...u're the one in the end to decide...but i guess..these are things u enjoy doing and have a passion for..and keeps u guess keep it up...but don't neglect the things that are most important to u...

Leonardo Melendez said...

If there's one thing I dislike about people, it's that they expect certain things — many of which I don't advocate — from others. And they suppose you don't have a life because you don't 'go with the flow'. Try doing nothing for a change, wonder what they might say.

I'd say the difference between you and them is that you're darn smart and smarter than the average if you may. You have an advantage, use it. ;)

The Queen said...

It sounds like your study program is very difficult...those administrators sound tough!

Thanks for all of your comments, Beth. I really do appreciate them. I know that I don't get around much, but I very seldom leave comments on anyone's blog anymore.

Beth said...

I have to respectfully disagree with you Leo.

You make it sound as though I do all the things I do out of duty. I may do some of them out of loyalty, but not out of duty (there is a difference). I enjoy doing all the things I do.. and truthfully, I wouldn't be me without them.

selecta bam bam said...

well as it comes to friends, i have a lot beth, take it from me 70 percent of them aint what they seems to be. you should do your own thing, change up the pace, do somting new. like me and dani been talking a lot and the dude given me a reality check, if u wana do somting, dont think of doing it u just do it...., noted that i have changed a lot for the better. but somtinges change isnt good, well what i am trying to say is for u to be u and dont care what others tink iight take care baby girl

Beth said...

Very easy to say when the people giving advice are not giving you a grade that will change your whole professional development on Thrusday! I am just glad that it is over.