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14 May 2007

Just to Note

I just wanted to add this.

I am done with my teaching practical and I am waiting for the panel's decision (am I a teacher or not???).

Also, I had a great weekend. I went to Las Flores, Peten, Guatemala with my surrogate family (yes, there is such a thing because I have one) to see some more surrogate family. Also stopped at Tikal yesterday. While in Guate, We ates lots of black beans and crema with corn tortilla. I also had pistachio ice-cream. It was nice even though it had a crazy bright green colour to it. It almost beat Cayo Twist (sorry, you have to have been to Cayo to know what I am talking about). It was a great trip even if it was short. Thanks Dad for taking me along.

I am in a hurry though, so I have to go.


Everything has a reason why said...

THERE IS NO WAY ANYTHING CAN BEAT CAYO TWIST! just so u all know... cayo twist is soooo the best

Leonardo Melendez said...

Agree with Dan, Cayo Twist is too advanced. But pistachio ice cream sounds too interesting.

Beth said...

Hence the word "almost".

I wish it was Thursday so I can go get some....

Hey anyone up to some ice cream tomorrow night? Cayo Twist will be open.

Anonymous said...

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