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25 June 2007

I Love My Mom, I Really Do

Today was a nice sunny day with a breeze that sang and a humidity that is breathable. I happily jumped on a bus to a village school and my heart sang as I took pictures of Rosita, a little girl with Morquio's Syndrome. I didn't know the little girl or that syndrome a week ago, but since it has become my life, mostly because I have to right a case paper on Rosa for a special needs class that I am taking, but also because this sort of things is my niche.

Well, while I was in my prime, the height of my purpose and being, on this beautiful day, I had no idea that my name was suffering humiliation that I am not sure how I can recover. It is sort of a long story, but to keep it short you will have to already know that (a) My mom just got back from visiting in California (b) while she was away, I failed my teaching practicum. I emailed her the details and we hadn't talked much about it. Whatever, I failed and I am getting over it.

Ready for the daunt-dun-dunn and a flash of lightening?
While I was gone she walked to the college and spoke to a professor while I failed !!!
Et Tu Brutus? I know that she meant while by doing it, but it is so horrifying that she did it but that makes me look a thousand of things (why do I care? I have no idea, but I do). I know that she was just a concern parent.... but I am in college (and almost finished too, despite failing the practical). I think I am mature enough to represent myself, if I had a question about it. I have never regretted being 21 years old living with my mother until today. Why would she do that? I always prided myself that I had a mother who knew the balance between emotional support and interfering. The sadly ironic thing is the professor that she spoke to is the one that always sang professional development to me.... Oh sigh!


Not-So-Normal-Mom... said...

Ouch. It really is hard going from treating your child like your child to treating them like the adults they are becoming. You have to know that she was just trying to stick up for her baby, although she may have gone about it the wrong way. Try to think of it fondly, rather than being embarrassed. Good luck with your practicum; I know they can be difficult!

Not-So-Normal-Mom... said...

If YOU ever visit Cali, let me know!!! ;-)

Leonardo Melendez said...

I see you got some Shakespeare going on. After going through the symptoms of Morquio's syndrome, I guess it's safe for me to say that I haven't came across a body with a condition as such.

That aside, I bet everyone was as curious as your mom in wanting to know why and how in the world the unimaginable happen! Beth, like it or not, your mom rocks! Too, appreciate that act, some moms wouldn't do such a thing. My mom never went to receive my report card unless I ranked first in class (and only first). I hate you mom! You and everyone that knows your mom know that, in comparison to Barcelona Football Club, she is more than a mom.

Beth said...

You both are right. If I had been so rash I would have realized it and not wirtten this entry. I mean, it was childish of me and it was not honouring. My mom is my mom and she does deserve to be respected, even if she gets on my nerves.

Actually Leo, I hadn't read Shakespeare directly. I lately reread my favourite book and the heroine quoted him.

I am fighting the urge to go to Cali everyday. What area do you live not so normal? My folk hail from the Sierra's.

Two child with Morquio's live in Succotz.

The Queen said...

I guess it's hard for some parents to learn the boundaries between themselves and their adult children. I can understand the embarrassment you felt.

I've temporarily made my blog private because I'm feeling bleh about blogging right now...I didn't want it hanging out there though, while I wasn't babysitting it, so i just closed it.

Thanks for all your great support, Beth. You're a good person.

Beth said...

Oh, Queen, I am going to miss you! Your stark reality but mirth sense of homour has feed my mind in ways that teacher's college can't!

But I know that there is a season for eveything, as sad as it seems, it is the truth. Well, new seasons are exciting, even though they are a little sad, because there is an element of the unknown, yet to be discovered. If you ever open you blog to the general public, let me know! Don't forget to drop in at the end of the street! The street gets muddy and dusty some times, but it is a livable place!

Godspeed! Long Live the Queen!

Not-So-Normal-Mom... said...

I live in sunny San Diego!! Southern California, right next to the Mexican border. It's beautiful here!

Beth said...

I have been to San Diego once. My brother James Henry lives there. It is a nice place.