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14 June 2007

Passion is Stirred

I just got back from my class trip. For my Introduction to Recognizing Students with Special Needs, we went to he Special Education Unit (now known as National Resource Centre of Inclusive Education) and the largest and oldest standing Special school, Stella Maris, both in Belize City. I had a wonderful time! My nose is sun burned and my hair is dried out from the windy bus ride to and from the City. I love going to Belize!

Ever since I failed my teaching practical I have sort of dread the idea of me being a a teacher. I haven't told anyone about it, but there is a certain uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that I am going to hate this job as much as much I hated working in tourism. Yes, I am glad that I got a post for next year, despite my failure, but there is still unshakable gut feeling about this. Today gave me a renewed set of view and encouraged be to reach for a dream that I was convinced was hopeless. Of course I am dreading the prospective of being a teacher everyday fro the rest of my life. I love teaching but I get s sour feeling about doing it for ever. I am not made to do that. I am suppose to be a special ed teacher and an innovator of a new system for special needs. That is who I am, even though I am not there yet. I may have to put up with a class of normally boring children form a while, and I am going to love doing it. But the truth is I am not going to stay there. I am going to be a special teacher for special children!

I don;'t dread the idea of teaching in September anymore

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