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06 June 2007

Pink Silk Pajamas

I was given a pair of Pink Silk Pajama Bottoms the other day. Now that I have my own pair, I advocate that every human being have their very own pair. I am not such about the tops, but loose fitting shiny silk light pink pajama pants at are slightly too long are a must for any creative individual. Let me explain.

I got home late from school last night. It was around 10 o'clock. It was cool and I had energy to do some stuff, but my house guest were sound asleep in the hall (living room, front room, whatever you call that thing), and I didn't want to disturb them. I so took a shower, then slipped on the long silk pajama pants with a flimsy cotton top. I locked myself into my little after thought room to the back of my house. As I cleaned my room and read about Transitional Bilingualism, I transformed worlds. First, I was a Arabian Princess imprisoned in a harem of an wicked Sheik. Then, I fluffed all my pillows and became a genie trapped in a bottle, waiting for someone to let me out. Some time between dusting my shelves and going a silly genie dance (how do genies dance anyway?), I feel a sleep. This morning I woke up in a wonder world. I was arch duchess Elizabeth the III, well mannered and admired by the world. Instead of reading about Transitional Bilingualism, I felt Annish so I I picked Anne of Avonlea and read a few chapter. I was refreshed and reminded of my youthful visions and ideals.

Getting ready for school I could step out of the fantasy world that I molded. Then the thought struck me.... maybe I am not Annish. Maybe, I am more like Dianna, Anne's comrade. Anne can step out of Dreamworld into reality easily. Dianna couldn't. That is why should stopped day dreaming, she couldn't control it and got into trouble when she was little. I got sort of blue thinking this thought. Bummer. But then I got cheered up when I realized that I am only Diana next to Frieda Friesen. She is the real Anne. Friedy even has the red hair. I am the short pudgy dark hark buddy.

That thought made me feel better. Frieda should be home any day any time now. She has been in Canada for over a year and is on the road coming back. She is probably in Mexico now which means she should be back before the weekend. I really miss her and I think I am going to take the weekend off to visit her, if she isn't too overwhelmed. She is part of a family of ten plus, and she has a lot of people to greet.

I should wait for her little sister's graduation this weekend. But I will see. I love drama, and drama in front of people is not always nice.


Everything has a reason why said...

Since pink is my favourite color, i agree... but the problem is where do i find pink silk pajamas that will fit me?>??

Beth said...

Ah, the local thrift store? I love second hand clothes. If not, find the clothe and I will sew you a pair. I am actually pretty good at sewing (if I can sit down long enough to do it). You have to give me time to do it though. No charge, once you be a pink pajama pants sista.

Power to the Pajama!

Everything has a reason why said...

YEah! i gots me a pink pajama sista- i think the clothe is a good idea- i hope u can make it sexy. lol
yapee cant wait

Beth said...

Oh Joy!

carrie said...

i want some genie pants!

Beth said...

Get some pink silk and I will sew some for you too Carrie. I only have two weeks of college left. After this, I have a month and a half of free time.... I think I can sew some princess pajamas for you in that time!