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12 July 2007


Those of you who didn't know, I like to describe people. This is a habit I formed on my many bus rides to Belize City from Cayo (about a 2 1/2 hour trip one way) and many other adventures. I love riding the bus but for a person with a short attention span, I have to do things to entertainment myself for long trips. I once read that good writers practice describing people because characters are important so I turned my boredom into training.

Last night, when I should have been doing something else, I was overwhelmed with the need to describe my good guy friend. I am not going to tell you his name because you really don't need it.... Here is what I wrote about him:

"He is a strong man. Attractive and maybe even handsome. His innate cleverness is often hid by a firm, seemingly mean, cover. I wonder if this gruff meanness is an intentional mask or if was unconsciously formed. At first, you would see a personal, selfish, stern being. But his slight smile gives him away. The truth is he is shy. Forbiddingly shy for a Latin American man. Hence he seems unrealistically firm and a bit mean.

His eyes tell other stories. Tales of hurts and pain of his past. They tell of something horrible that happened. But they also tell of the present redemptive love he received and the strength born from hope that he owns. There is a depth to them that may never be told. Dark and shiny, but not overly flashy. His eyes tell me the truth. Firm he may seem, shy he may be, but strong he is. "

Any thoughts?

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