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02 July 2007

Just a weekend, Just a Revelation

I spend the weekend at Frieda's again. I love that girl so much with all the love best friends can have. It is funny how my relationship have changed so much since I was a bouncy, flighty preteen, to the "stately" woman I am now. I barely talk to any of my primary school and high school friends. It isn't that we fought or anything like that... we just sort of grew apart. People grow and sometimes they grow in different directions. Sometimes new directions erode the foundations of comradeship.

Not so with Frieda. We have been friends since we were thirteen year old standard sixers. Sure we have changed. Some changes were in the same length and span, but most changes made us more different then similar. Does that mean, that we have limited our common ground, and we have little to relate with? Nope. Frieda and I have grown and grown so much, but we are still as close as we ever have. Our differences don't limit us, but rather they lead to much interesting conversation.

Frieda's sister is getting married. That is big news. I almost feel as though my sister is getting married. Strange that Frieda's first sibling is getting married the same year as the Doc (my brother)....,.

I had an interesting revelation during the weekend. Often time I hear girl say that they are too face, or thin or ugly or they have a hideous scar. When these girls talk about love (future or present tense) love is usually in spite of their named "flaw". Why is it that it has to be in spite their scar, or fat or whatever? Am I too idealistic? I think it shouldn't matter. The thing is most of our physicals flaws have an interesting story. "I have bad acne scars because I was an average teenager, but I was strong and I did have too much of a self-esteem problem..." or "I got this nasty scar because I flew of my big, that's right I flew.... first flying human". If anything, I think we should attract love because of our flaws.

"I have ________ because I am an interesting human being, are you worthy of my love and affection?"


carrie said...

yes. that would be nice. it must be that way for many people because not a lot of people are perfect but a lot of people have relationships. :-)

Beth said...

Funny because I think I am pretty, even beautiful at times, and I am romanceless... I am not complaining because I know there is a season for everything, but it is just an observation.

KaThYcOt ;p said...

hi there... :)
just wanna say have a good day!
and yeah, thanks for visiting my blog! :) hope to see more of you...
take care!

Beth said...

Kathycot is great. Her blog is fun.

magikero said...

i smell a little insecurities.. self insecure with their flaws so they connect it with them being in a relationship.

they balance their flaws with love. we have this perceptions of flaws being negative and love being in a positive sense.. so i guess it's a balance between contrasting ideas. am i making any sense.. ? just a weird thinking.

LIKE: i think i am relatively attractive BUT im not in a relationship either..

attractive BUT not in a relationship.. the conjunction BUT connects two contrasting ideas..

The Grunt said...

I think attitude can make up for physical flaws. The last girl that I dated was exceptionally beautiful but rather distant emotionally. I could enjoy being with this beautiful woman for a time, but I just could not connect with her.

Beth said...

I like your think Magikero... That i sort of where I was trying to get at. I wonder why physical flaws are viewed as negetive. I think they just make people interesting.

Yes, this was born in insecurity. Not my own though. Just a something some friends and I were talking about. I might be insecure but not about my looks

Beth said...

Here is a thought
Mevlin Pinelo, my good friend as role model, once told me that there will always be someone smarter, prettier, neater, more interesting and all around more attractive then me. Therefore, there is no need to compare myself to other, just stay true to myself and be the best person I can. God will judge my faithfulness in the end and no one else will.

Insecure? With friends telling me stuff like that growing up, I have no room for insecure.