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23 August 2007

Here I am

Funny, I have been thinking about my blog for three weeks thinking about what I am going to write. Now I am here and there is nothing in my head. I will begin now.

First: I am okay. Hurricane Dean hit northern Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula Monday night. I live in the Western part of he country. Some friends from Belize City come up to my house for the night because Belize City is a coastal city with many parts of it at or below sea level and their neighbourhood is in a potential flood zone. It was nice to have them. Monday was my mother's 55th birthday. We didn't exactly have a party, but the closest thing to it. My friends left Tuesday afternoon with lots of hugs and well wishes. Their house is fine and life continues. I am glad that I live in Cayo. Some times I wish I could trade the mountains and Maya sites and the jungle for the Caribbean coast lines but it days like this, I am glad that God chose for me to live here. A major hurricane past through my part of the world and I get a few hours of rain but nothing more. I wonder about Leo. I texted him a message Monday and yesterday, but I forgot that I need to delete his number because he no longer has that phone. Leo where are you?

Second: My neck is in a brace and I am taking steroids. No I was not in a car accident (people think I drive carelessly and automatically think I crashed when they see the brace). I sprained my neck while helping a friend move her unsuccessful party supplies store into storage. In return I got some great decorations for my brother's wedding in December. Now I need to go to Flores, Peten, Guatemala to visit my future sister in law and give her all that stuff. The extra room in my house if filled with it. I feel guilty taking steroids. I have always avoided taking medicines and have tried to cure my aliments with herbs, teas, massages and diets. I respect doctors for who they are and enjoy taking with my brother about health issues but I enjoy being in control of my health the natural way. The problem is my confidence is shaken. Three days after the move, I woke up with a stiff neck. I massaged it with eucalyptus and chamomile tea but at the end of a three days of home treatments, I was in some much pain I couldn't move but couldn't stay still. I could barely think about anything expect for pain. Later I learned that you should never massage sprains. Interesting.

Thirdly: My Street is changing. I have new neighbors. The street was scraped and widened by a big piece of machinery courtesy of San Ignacio-Santa Elena Town Board a few months ago, but alas, the red-white dirt is soft and muddy and the infrequent traffic manages to make potholes in it still and Town Board hasn't been back to maintain it. I also spent some quality time in my garden. It is no longer a neglected or bushy plot of ground with wild plants. Everything is in order. The little African Violet died. I think Lucky, the dog I watch for a friend peed on it. It is dead nonetheless, and everything else is in order. I wonder who long it will stay that way once I begin to work. With my road fixed and my yard is clean for right now anyway.

Fourth: Most of my sixth form buddies are back. Classes were suppose to begin Monday but were postpones until Wednesday because of the storm. I am glad to see them and happy that they came to see me, although sixth form is no longer a part of my life. I wonder how long with will last. I also wonder about Magikero and the typhoon in the Philippines. Sacred Heart Junior College had classes suspended because of a hurricane on the 20th and 21st and whatever college Magikero goes to suspended classes for three days on the 21st. My brain digest that piece of information and I again remind myself that the world is bigger than me and my surroundings. Funny that I wouldn't have even bothered about a dangerous tropical storm on the other side of the world if I hadn't read Magikero's post. Now I am concern about it. I don't have a TV and I don't listen to the radio, so whatever news I get is through my friends. Thanks Magikero for that bit of info. Hope to hear from you soon.


Tracy said...

There you are!
Leo has been commenting to me the same..."Where is Beth?"

Sorry, you dont know me... Officially Introducing myself, Im Tracy, OW/Belmopan.

Nice to meet you, enjoyed the blogs...

Beth said...

Hi Tracy, I ran into you at Leo's blog. Nice to meet you.

Since I have been out of school my main Internet source is gone. Thus I haven't been able to blog much.

Welcome to the End of the Street!

Leonardo Melendez said...

Ahem, Beth in! Sad to hear.

carrie said...

well, glad you are okay.

Beth said...

It is off now, by the way!