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31 December 2007

Christmas Poll

Interesting. No one is like me. I played to sleep and sleep and sleep for Christmas. I didn't get too, but that was OK. Something better happened. I spent Christmas Eve with some of my best friends. On Christmas my mom cooked and we had two very special friends over. It was the very definition of LOW KEY, but after so much happening the weeks before, I was glad for the break. How did you Christmas work out?

33% of my blog peeps are gluttons..... New Years Resolution: gain self control (lol)

22% of my blog peeps traveled for the Christmas. I can say that I am slightly jealous. I wanted to go on a trip... maybe for Easter.

22% of my blog peeps did something that I couldn't think of (Other). What did you do?

1 (11%) person was a dutiful host for Christmas, and spent time getting ready for the one day. Tracy that has your name written all over it.

1 other person had no plans (is that the same thing as planning to sleep?). I think I can be chums with that one.

I hope however you Christmas worked out that you had fun. That your family is closer together and you have a mind full of inspiring and beautiful thoughts.

1 comment:

Tracy Tillett said...

no host here,
you always get me wrong. :S