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13 May 2008


I ran into a friend from college the other day. Can you believe it has been a year since I was on my teaching practicum two? This time last year, in fact, I found out that I failed my practical. I cried and cried about it. I was angry about it too. "Who do they think they are to fail me? I mean I wasn't that bad at it.... not like some others..." That was my attitude. I know it stinks... but that was how it was. It was a really humbling experience. My precious 4.8 was ruined and people are still surprised when they hear about it. But the fact remains.... I can fail something, I am not all brains and I don't have a silver spoon.

I will go and redo my practical. Although I dread doing so, I know that it needs to be redone. Satchwell, my favourite teacher at Heart, said that it would do me good to fight that demon. I didn't do it this year because I simply didn't plan on it. Besides I was still tired of it. I agreed to teach at my little private school next year so I won't do my practical next year either. But I will redo it. Don't worry.

I just have a few more days of school. School is closing early because we had really short holiday time and we don't do exams. I am ready for the break. What are my plans? I want to visit the Doctor and his wife and maybe get a summer job. I have a whole list of graduations and graduation parties to crash this year. I am going to stop crashing graduations though. Someday day it is going to get boring. I have been a graduation crasher since the 2001....I got hooked on them at the Doctors high school graduation in 2000. I didn't go to my graduation though. I was too angry about it.

I was visited to one of my students house for dinner tonight. I am excited. That means I don't have to cook. I hate eating the food that I cook. Why is that? I also hate eating alone. So if anyone is around, let me know I will feed you as long as you sit down with me to eat. I made some great baked beans the other day for the Mother's Day picnic. They were the rave of the day. I burned my arm making them. Pressure cookers are dangerous, Tracy. I was given a new cooker for my hope chest and I was stupid and tried to open it while it was hot. Don't do that. The cooker will explode if you do.

Tell me, how does my writer's voice sound in this entry? I don't like it. It sounds too monotone to me. I am trying different writing styles right now. This one probably isn't the one I want to practice too often.


Domanick Fabro said...

I could only dream of getting a 4.8....

Beth said...

Dom are you trying to get back at me?

Canopenner said...

Ill come eat with you if Im ever in the neighborhood!!!

And I burned myself recently cooking pizza, which is alot less complicated than a pressure cooker(God I wish I had one) so dont feel bad...New cookware takes practice!

Have a great weekend!

Beth said...

Can you are great!