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10 June 2008


Those of you that don't know, I drive something like this. Of course it is a picture from the factory website and it is new and shine. Mine is a four year old copy.

Now that you know what I drive, let me tell you about my 8 biggest fears.

1. Driving on and off the FERRY on my cycle
2. Driving on gravel roads on my cycle
3. Driving on smooth roads on my cycle
4. Driving through the dust on my cycle
5. Driving through the mud on my cycle
6. Driving on the hard compacted dirt that is neither mud or dust on my cycle.
7. Driving my cycle up and down hills.
8. Driving my cycle on the flat stretch of open road at Norland
9. Driving my cycle at night
10. Driving my cycle through the thick dewy mornings
11. Driving my cycle when the sun is hot.
12. Driving my cycle by myself
13. Driving my cycle with a passenger
14. Driving my cycle behind someone
15. Driving my cycle with someone driving behind me
16. Driving my cycle when I am the only one of the road.
17. Driving my cycle.............

You fill in the blanks


Canopenner said...

Dont be scared beth, but I do hope you wear a helmet!


Reema said...

Lolz :D :D Here we call that a moped. I agree with Robert..wear a helmet.

freeze said...

I could say "I told u so" but i'm not going to. Might buy a cycle for myself soon.

Anonymous said...

So what you are trying to say is that you are scared to drive the cycle...

Pop some wheeleys on it and that will help you get over being scared of it.

Kingofsiam77 said...

my first motorcycle i felt the same way, but after time it became second nature riding it.

Someday is now said...

are they at least fun at all?

Leal said...

Can you go 140mph on it? My friend can, its a speed machine.

Beth said...

Leal: I can go about 100 km/hour if I try real hard (don't tell Freeze)

I do where a helmet... I refuse to ride it even down the street without it...

Freeze: what can I say? We should race sometime....

Mad, I only once did a wheely and that was a mistake.... I didn't do it on purpose.

Thanx for the hope king

Someday... it is fun.. it is lovely. I love the idea that I am a woman with a bike. "Don't mess with me!"

Beth said...

By the way Freeze when are you going to post something? I really want to read some Freezen

Caleb Ortega said...

Hi Beth. Very nice. I would one to buy one. Here in Panama is going up so its cheaper... to have motorcycle the only problems is that here in the city the roads are to narrow. But still ppl have some. I always remember flores Guatemala ppl have lots of motorcicles there its cool. My mom is afraid of them cause sometimes its dangerous, wear your helmet and take security steps. Ok enjoy... i remember a friend of mine in honduras had one like that and he took me for a ride in the city of honduras it was a mission trip and it was great. I was afraid to be in the middle of this big city and cars going all over, it was fun.

So enjoy life... take care God bless