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12 June 2008


Hey Guys!

I just want to let you know that I have a summer job. The hours are really good and the money is great. But my life schedule is all in a kilter... so be patience.... Like that Frugie (SP?) song.... this has nothing to do with you, I just need some space.... myself and I.....

Basically I have to readjust my life so fit this new job so for the time being my blogging will be touch and go. Hopefully when I get it all figured out I will be a regular blogger again. If not, it will be be all good because I am getting a computer at the end of the summer and then I will definitely be regular.


Anonymous said...

Being regular is always good...irregular is not good, plus there can be side effects...heheh

Grats on the new job!

Reema said...

Congrats on new job and all the best for it. Ohh I see thats why u have not been commenting lately on my blog...hope to have u back soon in ur regular form. :D :D

Everything has a reason why said...

hey bethie wish the best on job... i'm in the city... keep us informed love ya

Domanick Fabro said...

i wont say congrats cuz everyone already said it. so ill say.... lets split the pay 50/50 wutta u say?

Beth said...

Thanx everyone!

I must say, it is good to try new things, but I miss my kids! I can't wait for school to open in September.

Juds, watch'a going in the City?

DOm, what can I say? You have to come up to Cayo to collect. That is what I call MAN-tainance.

Canopenner said...

Jobs are good. Except they are a pay-n

pay-n LOL

I kill me.

Sakhi said...

summer jobs are good. more students should try in India. All the best (even though many people have already wished u) :)

And all the best for your new comp... c u around when u can blog regularly

till then ciao :)

Canopenner said...

I believe thats spelled fergie btw.

But I am not a world class speller or anything...or typist for that matter.

Beth said...

I wasn't sure how to spell it.... thanx. I need all the help I can get

Funny that no one commented about the song.

Yep, jobs are a pay-n. I sort of forgot what is like to make an hourly wage.

Sakhi: Hi! Thanks for the support! A lot of students here don't work too. When I was a student I was always the strange one working. Now I am the strange teacher working on the holidays!

Leal said...

Is this goodbye Beth? Will we never read from you again after this post?

Beth said...

No Leal, I will not abandon you... I just am really busy and don't have free Internet access right now. Until I get time and Internet I will be a sporadic blogger... less than committed.

Canopenner said...

Miss you beth!

Looking forward to your return!