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02 July 2008


So the other day my gurls and I were shopping in Cayo. We walk into a shop and they are automatically drawn to the shoes. I, on the other hand, am drawn to the TV playing in the corner. We were in an small store ran by a man from India. Miscellaneous items are sold in small single room store right of the street by like like proprietors along the centre of Cayo . Z Tv is on and I am automatically intrigued. My friends think it is strange because I don't understand Hindi and this particular show doesn't have English subtitles. Why do I watch a show without the slightest idea of what is said? Why do I endlessly watch Z TV when I house-sit houses that have cable (which house would need house-sitting if it didn't have cable?). Why would I argue with classmates that people from India are not East Indians, but are Indians while "Indians" may be called West Indians?

The truth is there is something about the small mass of people in Belize that have come from India in recent years. During British colonization Indians came to Belize in mass as indentured servants, but this group of people don't captivate me as much as the recent Indian immigrants. I want to befriend them so much. I know that they are busy building new lives and making a match in a new nation but I just can't seem to cross the border into their lives. I will always be a customer to them... I wish I could become a friend to them....

I have so many questions to ask.


Reema said...

Hey missing u on my blog. I have shifted to wordpress. so update ur blog roll. I m so happy to know u r so interested in Indians. U can ask us also whatever u want to know :)I'm using this id just to comment on blogspot blogs.

Leal said...

It never hurts to ask, now does it. The Indian culture is an intriguing one, for one thing I noticed from them is they all like to dance and are good at it. Did you get to buy a shoe?

Jonathan Kroner said...

Please write about what makes you want to befriend those whose language you don't speak?
Also, how much do you already understand? Are you studying the language at all? Learning phrases?
JonathanKronber, JD, MBA