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14 November 2008

High School

Since Christmas 2007, Mom and I have lived in a house in Hillview, Santa Elena. Now, Hillview isn't my favourite area, but that has never been a factor to consider....

To get to Hillview you have to ride the bumpy road that passes Eden SDA High School. I only went to this high school for two years rather than the usual for. I went to a small private school that pretty much went by their own rules. In the middle of second form mother realized that their own rules where wierd and not good enough for her baby girl. So in third form, to make a long story short, I dawned on my big brown box pleat skirt and plain white button down blouse, huge knee length white socks and black shoes. I also had a small round school bagde pinned on my left shoulder that used rip off anytime I slid my back over my shoulder.

I didn't exactly hate high school. I mean I was the student body president and I got good grades. But I didn't enjoy my days at Eden. I was on a small campus, so everyone new my name, and some people might thing I was popular. I had some friends but I was highly misundestood. The smallest of Eden was not void of the clinques and groups with the segration. I think that is one reason I didn't fit in. I wasn't Adventist. I was from a minority. I liked my English teacher, even though, or because of, she was eccentric. I had work experience. It seemed like I thought about things that others didn't. I wrote poems in my notebook and I paid attention. I meant it when I said that Efrian Magana was my friend and I didn't like him. I didn't smoke weed, nor did I watch a lot of tv.

When I graduated from High school in 2004, I was mad because unfair grading system marked my grades lower. I was glad that high school was over. Weeks before graduation the few friends that I had at school stabbed me in my back, and I turned into a bad person.

Eden High School is not my high school.


Leonardo Melendez said...

Those skirts...muhahaha!

Caleb Ortega said...

Hi Beth nice hearing your stories I always learned something from you… what called my attention you mention “ I think that is one reason I didn't fit in. I wasn't Adventist. I was from a minority.” The samething happen to me here in Panama I was the minority I went to a Catholic High School is not that I regreat it but it just had some principles that were not the same when it comes to religion. It was good to learn from them… it is time to have evangelical college and schools.
About the Skirt don’t worry I may have experience like that sometimes you want to wear something and parents comes and say no no… it was a bit to long but it was better to keep the boys a little far away that was the intention of your mom I guess. When you have your kids you will have to make your own decisions.
Hey how about SHJC did you finish the Practical… i was looking at the comments you told me on the blog the big disappointment. Don’t worry I know is hard when you failed but let me tell you when you fail you either become stronger or weaker. I remember failing some classes in high school like physics and Biology. Had take the exam again but I study harder I sayed iam not going to fail the school year I was afraid. Haha In SHJC wasn’t all beautiful with grades neither some classes were more difficult than others and in others I just scraped dog but what matter is your diploma and what you will do next. The diploma is just a guaranty to a better salary and better status caused you are educated. But it dosent guarantee that a 100% it depends how you make your move. I would advice you to go back and finish that. Don’t let any body bring you down! I know you can do it. You are very smart  I like your English is not good as my one. I know some teachers are more difficult but get along with them and try to understand them. If you try and try and you cant try to find a next teacher that you get along or understand better and if there is none… start to get along with the only one that can help you to achive your goal.  Pray to God and do your part … well this is like an email hear hahaha…it suppose to be a comment? Lol
Nice to hearing from you Beth