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25 January 2009


I haven't written a poem in a long long time. I wonder what has driven the long mysterious poem that once danced inside of me and peeped out sometimes to say "Hi" away... I wonder if he dried up completely because I haven't been able to reflect long enough to bring him up for a tad bit of a visit.

As young teenager my poems were therapeutic. I wrote over my notebooks and scraps of paper thoughts that over clashed within me. I wrote of the glorious new love I found in God, and the gloom and doom I was fighting. I wrote about crushes I had and disappointed I faced. I really think I would have gone crazy if it wasn't for those little poems.

Later, as life become more stable, and I learned to deal with the sweeping dramatic feelings that sought to engulf me, my poems were more thoughtful. Reflective of things. I was never very figurative but I explored thoughts like love, social discrimination, my father, praises to God, and so forth. By the time I entered into my 20's I was sort of known for the sweet little poems I could write. But today I was thinking about it, the last little poem I wrote was when I left sixth form.

So once I can find my little poem man again, I will let you know what he has to say...


coolingstar9 said...

As young teenager your poems were therapeutic. you wrote about thoughts clashed within you. you wrote of the glorious new love from God, feelings in your exciting life like crushes disappointment. This made you joyful indeed.
Later, your poems were more thoughtful like love, social discrimination,etc. You had grown up in this stage.
Do you keep those sweet little poems?
Hope you can write more poems now. I believe those poems will be more sweeter, am I right?
Happy ox year to you.

Reema said...

Didnt u save all those poems?

Faisal Admar said...

i wanna read and understand all your poems. poems usually tell us what's the writer's feeling and we can understand better about the writer :)

i love poems.

btw, you asked me about music monday right? what you need to is:

You can type in your name in the blank and you can post about anything together with a song from anywhere (most people use Youtube). Oh btw, you must put the direct link to your post Hope you can join this great fun!

Beth said...

Happy Ox year to you too. Thanks for the encouragemen, cooling.

Yes, Reema, I saved them all in a notebook I call "My Fairy Book". Someday I will dig it out and post something, if I can't write something else.

Admar, I am looking forward to joing Music Monday. I am really flighty with my internet comminttments... but I will looking into it. I am still trying to figure somethings out because I am pretty much self taught about the internet (college courses never helped). Welcome to the End of the Street!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! i wish i could of seen you writin on the bed, with your feet kicked up listining to tommy teaching me to play the guitar up in the mountains of tennessee!! you sound like your doing well, i am so happy for you