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18 January 2009

This is not about the weather

Due to my error in judgement and faulty proclamation of dry weather coming to Belize early this year, I am writing a post that has nothing to do with the weather, whatsoever. Maybe now Freeze, who is back by the way, it seems, can get on with farm life (although he is not really a farmer anymore...).

Instead I am writing about change. I ran into a friend from 6th form days a few weeks ago and I have been thinking about change and transformation every since. While talking to him, I realized that he and I are very different people from when we were school chums. I can go on and on about the different details about it but that, my friend would make for some pretty deep and personal information that I would not reveal to the world... besides who would be that interested in how I have changed anyway?

One thing that I learned is that change is inevitable. "na-na-na boo-boo, you have to change".

The question is, are you changing for good or bad? Are you getting moldy with bad habits and stale with attempts to be the same or are you like a nice wine that processes and gets crisper, cleaner and better with age?

I like wine.


Leonardo Melendez said...

I recently got rid of my moldy orange cap. The thing was becoming bad for my health and those around me. As far as change goes, I think I've remained the same, only more developed but same sour core nothing like fancy pansy wine.

Beth said...

So fatherhood, new apparatus and entrepreneur-ing has done nothing for you... Well in that case, maybe I haven't either...