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19 July 2009


For the last two monthes, my brother and his wife were staying with my mother and I. It is always a joy to have my siblings home, but with that joy come with plenty of stresses. I am proud to announce to the world that last November my neice made me a grand-auntie and this November coming, my brother is going to make me an auntie. While the prospects of being an auntie is thrilling, living with pregnancy was a lesson for me to learn. I am glad I was part of this season in her life. It was a challenge, and sometimes I almost gave in to feeling mad and tired. But the love we have for each other made our family bonds stronger. This afternoon after rushing to the border at Melchor to take my brother and his wife to the bus to go back to Guate, I emotion I felt while dashing to the bus before it left them was sweeping. Their was a slight pause in the rush when everything silenced and tears swelled in my eyes. It was movie like. The pause was deafening. Then the bus drove off and life began again. Mom and I jumped in the car and crossed the border, back to Cayo. After two months of investing in their lives I am left allow again.

Now, if I get all torn up when my grown up and married brother leaves home to go back to his house and life, how I am going to live through my own Great Departure that I am dreaming about?


Domanick Fabro said...

the same way you got through this, your eyes swelling, you getting emotional.. but eventually it all subsides.

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, life is rathe short. It is so nice to love each others in the family.
Find time to enjoy the happy moment not only give happiness to others also yourself.
Beth, my friend just give me the adorable award. I like to give it to you because your blog is adorable, please come to take it if you are free.
Have the nice weekend, beth.

Beth said...

Thanks Cooling. You are so sweet. Dom, it is going to be like an operation true? Dreadful but hopeful....