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31 July 2009


My latest job has had me thinking about my career life so far in my life. I started working since I was 14 years old. Most of my jobs have involved the food service industry someway or the other. Funny because I do not like working with food. I am not a good cook and I don't really enjoy working with food. I don't get the surge of joy and accomplishment that other people have when others eat up their delights. Once upon a time I used to enjoy waitressing. It was fun to meet people and make small talk, entertaining local and international tourist with different tidbits of information. My brother once claimed that I was geisha, but I had charm and grace. But that season of my life is gone. The upclose and personal and progressiveness of teaching has spoiled my appreciation for customer service. Now I think it is all vain... In light of the thrilling of watching and helping little people change as they learn and grow, the small talk and tidbits are never ending and repeative. It is really dull.

But now that I am embarking on another adventure, I have to endure yet another job with food and customers.... Sigh.

This too shall pass


Leonardo Melendez said...

So where exactly are you working now? In San Ignacio?

Reema said...

all the best for new job!

Domanick Fabro said...

when u wha cook somfin fu me?

Beth said...

Leo: nope, teaching in Spanish lookout gave me a string to pull. I am the assistant manager of Western Dairies Retail shop in Spanish lookout.

thanks reema, hopefully this job will only last a while until I can run after the big dream

DOm, I'll tell you what, if you ever make it to Spanish Lookout, come to WD's and i will treat you to some food.

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, you started work since 14 years old and you had a lot of experiences in fields like the food service industry,waitressing and teaching,etc
Since you like to interact with people, having small talk, entertaining tourists. You can apply your skill in your new adventure. You can do it well just adjust your mindset a bit.
Beth, have the nice day.

Helbaby said...

Girl good luck at the new job. Don't beat yourself up too much you'll do fine. This might not be your niche in life so...just keep swimming, just keep swimming...swimming..swimming. Keep on striving and don't settle. If you do settle don't look at it like that. Take it as a little compromise in life. When you're through compromising then its up to you to make the change.

Good luck!

Beth said...

Well, what I am doing Helwa is bidding my time. I have a BIG DREAM that needs more $ then teaching makes so I am working hard for it.