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03 November 2009

A quote I found in my dictionary...

"A seamless fusion of beauty and intelligence" by Jack Kroll. Who was this Jack Kroll? I did a web search after I came this quote in my Miriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. I found that he was an editor of some newspaper, somewhere in the US. I can go the rest of my life without learning more about him but some how his quote found its place in my heart. It will always be in the forefront of my mind.

First of all I love his word choice. It is poetic but also scientific. The idea of Beauty and Intelligence being held together by fusion in one subject adds to the idea that there is indeed intelligence in this subject of beauty and smarts. Seamless! How I love that word. I do not use it often because I do not what corrupt it. It is one of those magic words that can when used in the right place, add the right touch and make the touch thoroughly expressed. Seamless or without seams, no scars or breaks or difference. It means that when two things are joined so perfectly that there is no real difference between them. The are two separate things but not really separate. What makes his subject smart makes her intelligence. Smooth and creamy flowing together. Seamless makes me think of the taste of expensive chocolate melting in my mouth. I love it. Seamless is beauty.

I also love this quote because I would love it was said of me. In fact, it has become a personal goal to make my beauty be seamless to my intelligence. I am both smart and pretty. I am sure of that. But to be seamlessly so.... In my life I have been complemented for being pretty (and other variations of the word) but I have been rarely called smart. I know I am though. There are some things that public opinion do not need to confirm


Caleb Ortega said...

"A seamless fusion of beauty and intelligence" by Jack Kroll is a great quote yeah everyone would like to have both of them at the same time I would say it would make the perfect human been. But I know another quote "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so what you is beauty sometimes to me is not but I know what you mean you would like a man that will be pretty and smart right. I would like a woman beautiful and smart. See ya take

Domanick Fabro said...

well said!

Beth said...

Well Caleb, if you must say it that way.... I was thinking inwardly, but spending time with a handsome guy that challenges my thinking is a wonderful thing to do.

DOm, you better believe it!