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12 November 2009


For me, working at Western Dairies, is a let down. It is not my type of work really. I love serving customers, and I am glad for the chance to work in order to go to college, but it is far from my dream job.

But there is one plus this job offers me. The small talk I make with customers often leads to interesting tidbits of information or some sort of insight. One customer claims that I served him so well and he enjoyed his ice cream so much that he brought me a ten pound bag of freshly farmed shrimp. But the ice cream on the cake was meeting Leo's maternal grandfather. We were slow at the time he came and ordered five pizzas so he and I chatted. He was amused that Leo and I are friends and the fact that, although I look like Mennonites, cannot speak German.

Finding out that this customer was my college chum's family was fun and simple to do. See Leo and Tracey have become sort of a my Orange Walk reference. Any time I have a chance to chat with my customers to find out where they are coming from. Once someone mentions they are from Suga City my face lights up and I think about my buddies. If I have the time, I play the name game and see if these new friends know my friends.

This time the game lead to some info that I just might use in the further....Moowooohaaa!


Leonardo Melendez said...

Oh my. And I heard! Man come back d tell me stories lol! I'll be in SP this week, will drop by!

Leonardo Melendez said...

I meant Spanish Lookout :S