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19 November 2010

Back Again

Do you see my profile picture? The one focused on my hugging a friend.... Well, I have an interesting story. See I am bad about letting friends slips out of my reach. I am Guilty of being the out of sight out of mind type of person. It is hard for me to maintain the friendship that I treasure while grooving in life. God has an interesting way of breaking me.

You see, I met my friend, who we will call Friend, years ago when I was a teenager. Her sister and I met at a youth event. Sister and I were fast friends. We would spend weekends with each other. She taught me Belize City life and I taught her how to Cayo. I have great memories visiting her family. It is through these visits I met Friend. Soon she and I developed a friendship. With Sister, Friend would some and visit me often and we had many great times. When events and stuff would come around, we would look out for each other.

Sadly I got busy. I got a job away from home. I was on the road too much. I got caught up with trivial things in life, like paying the bills. We got disconnected. How sad.

God has a knack at resurrecting things. Now that I am University of Belize, I met up with Friend again! She and I take a class together, but we do more. We hang out when we can. She is a dancer and she invites me to practice, just to see and some times I go. Some times I don't. Friend and I are back together and we are friends again. Not that we ever stopped.

Someday I will learn to balance life and not let friendships die.


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

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Greetings from Italy


Reema said...

yes it is very necessary to keep in touch..any relation needs to be nurtured. And relations worth keeping deserve that effort.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Hmmm, good luck with that. Glad to have seen you recently.