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16 December 2010

The Polls are back

There is something relaxing about my Blog. I have learned that I blog most when i am stressed out with some process of the other. End of the Street, unaware to me, was birthed as an escape from my academic career. No matter how busy I am while I am in school I blog. When I am not in school I blog sparingly. Interesting....

One thing I enjoy about blogspot is the polling feature. I am a poll girl in a nice academic rated G type of way. So the polls are back. And they will be back as my career at University of Belize will be a 3 year lag. I love my studies, but like all good thing we can't have too much of it. So I will blog.


Leonardo Melendez said...

ur polls arent working

Beth said...

hmmmm thanks Leo... I will get on it asap.