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31 January 2011


This new semester at UB has taught me a few things. Last semester I was convinced that the administration and bureaucracy of the national university is a mess. Getting anything done required lots of back and forth, paper work, unanswered questions. Getting anything done means having friends in high places and "pulling some strings".

I recently found out that the lack of professionalism is not a UB problem. It seems that every where getting anything done requires tons of head ache unless you know someone the rest of do not.

I have a friend who is currently in the USA. Since she is returning to Belize in a week, I asked her to order some books from me on Amazon. I love books and there is nothing that would make me happier than books at a reduced price. I would have personally ordered the books but I do not have a credit card nor do I have a mailing address that fits Amazon's requirements. Stupid imperialist.

The plan was simple. I found the books I wanted/needed on Amazon. I sent her the link to these books. She clicked on them and ordered them.

That was last week. However, today I go an email from her with a forward from Amazon. They don't have this book, they can't send that book. Stupid incompetent system. What is wrong with you people?

Does anyone out there feel the same way? OR am I all alone?


Leonardo Melendez said...

Ur definitely alone.

Beth said...

Some how I knew you would say that. What's your secret?elmer"sgirl

Leonardo Melendez said...

NO secret Beth. You just outa luck.