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05 May 2011

Spider Man!

Since I am a full time student, and I am an English Major at that, I have been writing a lot of creative, clever essays. I finally got want I have always wanted.... to sit in front of a word processor all day mulling over words. I really love it although Dyslexia still lures around and I have to spend extra time making sure my work isn't marred by her evil presence.

Anyway, I while finding resources that I lost with my flash drive, I found a paper I wrote last month. It is about Anansi! Our favourite Spider Man! I had all intentions of posting it here, in fact I did, but I realized that it is too long and no one would read it... there is also too much "teaching pleasing" in the paper. Don'te get me wrong, I enjoyed writing that paper, but it is a give and take situation.

I do think it is unacanny the parallel's between Anansi, and Thought Women of the Southwestern United States and Iktome the Spider dream catcher, who was also a trickster. I wonder if other folklores have other parallels. I think I am going to begin another topic of research....

I love Trickster tales though. I think they are great. With them, life is never boring. Good girls like me always thought that trickery was foolishness and foolishness is sin and should therefore be avoided. I never realized how much wisdom can be shown in the delightts trickery! How easy it is to understand human nature with it.

Anyway, that is just about it. I hope you, my reader, feels free to share your thoughts with me.

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