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13 September 2011

Wedding dresses

In case you did not know, I am getting married. It is difficult to be a student and try to make wedding plans for February. I have six months to go. Somedays I feel good about it, others feel the pressure.

This pressure is interesting. It is not an inated pressure. Instead it is peer pressure x 100. It is crazy how so many people think that their helpful insistances are not so helpful.

When I tell people that I want a semi-formal wedding I often get this awkard look from them. You would think I had just said a curse word. Even one woman went into a fit of rage, insisting that no one wants a semi-formal wedding. Semi-formal weddings are not style, they are excuses for the bridel party not having enough money. In that case, I am still going to have a semi-formal wedding. It is both my style and my excuse. I do have limited finances.

Between my sister-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, friends, and older lady mentor-friend whom I call grandma, no one seems to understand that I DO NOT want a fancy dream. I want a plan cotton white ankle-length summer dress.Oh and I want my mother to sew it. If it looks homemade, good.

I don't want a veil, I want flowers in my hair, and my hair down. I do not want to spend a huge amount of money on it. I think it is immoral how some people can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding. I watch a show sometimes about wedding dress shopping and I think it is digusting and self-centred to claim that you can have a day. "Its my day and I am going to be the centre of attention!" I often her brides say ont he show. Gross. I want my wedding to be about me and Beloved. Me and Beloved in love, sharing our vows with those we love.

I want to get married outside. Close to the jungle that I love. Because my dream spot is no longer an option, I am looking for a place that is beautiful. I want the place to speak for itself without a lot of decorations.

One cool morning in Febraury, in the jungle in the Cayo District, I want to have a fun wedding. No hassle. No prefection... love and friendship makes things prefect.


Domanick Fabro said...

congrats Beth. Didn't know about the nuptials. I totally agree with you, to be honest I would have no problems just getting married legally and forgetting the whole mambo jumbo wedding stuff. But if she wanted a big wedding I guess I'd just have to suck it up.

Beth said...

Hey DOm you're quiiiick!

I want to have a wedding. I want to share the experience with my friends and family. I do not want, however, sharing the experience to steal the experience. Does that make sense?