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19 October 2011


Lately, as an English Major, I have been been reading some thought provoking books. I love reading and I enjoy most if the works I have to read, and those that I don't "Like" I make the most of. While I considered my myself an avid reading, most of the types of books I am reading here at University of Belize I would have never read on my own. Overall I am happy to be introducted to my "new books".

While I never thought that I would be a 'Lit-Chick" I am learning so much about myself because of my choice. Last year when I was putting everything together to go back to school and complete my bachalors, I was a little stumbed by my decision to study what UB-ian term as "pure English". It would have been more plausible that I, as a teacher, take some form of pedagogy but I realized that this season of my life needs to be more introspecifive. I didn't know why, but now I am glad did so.

As an English Major at UB I am mostly a Literature student. So many issues about myself have been raised. My whole world-view and my thoughts process have been redefined. Literature spans so many didn't areas of life and cover so many different social, cultural, historical, psychological, etc issues that I see why I was draw to English, although it was subconscious.

I need to talk about this more on my blog. So many issues are spinning in my mind and I need to discuss them. So look forward so some of my literature discussions in the future.

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