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24 November 2011

Balance or Whole hearted

SO today, while I failed every duty given to me by the expatriot lady that is sponsoring my education, plus the few I gave myself, I was thinking about my personal philosophy....


Today was American thanksgiving.  Unlike the Belizean form of this holiday, Harvest, which is a more church practice in which people express gradatute by giving something they will either be sold to help the church with a project, or giving to the less forunate, American thanksgiving does not make sense to me.  I don't understand this ritual.  I don't understand how over eating rich food is tied to giving thanks.

While I was serving food and entertaining guest, I had a thought.  Am I a balance person or am I one of those people who does things to the extreme?  I am an-all-or-nothing type of person?

I was reminded of the proverb that says "zeal without knowledge is destructive". I am sure that the answer is in there.  Zeal is important to life.  It igives us a cause to do and passion for our beings.  Balance however, helps us to see the other side, keep things in preceptive and understand things.  For me it is also important to be patient. Just waiting to see how things work out often makes things more natural and less forced. In otherwords, I have decided to be balance about being zealous.

For example:  I love Jesus.  He became my friend and saviour when I realized and confessed my sins. And asking for his help as  THis however does not make me a Christian in the normal sense.  I question much of Christiandom and its world view and guiding principle. You may call me a luckwarm believer, but this is me. You probably won't see me hitting the streets, protesting againsts things, and at all sorts of rallies.  I would rather sit down and have a discussion about something then parading my position on the streets. 

Another thing about my balance attitude that does not fit well with others is that my positions on certain issues is fluid.  I am open ot change.  I am also open to argueing a point that I do not necesaarily hold. I can be polite and I can also give food for thought and add some alternative preceptive.  Also, I understand that things do not necassarily work out the way you thought they would.  Because of that, I do not make a lot of public statements that support a particular issue.  For that reason, I don't vote.

Beloved votes and he is a avid supporter of a particular political party.  This does not mean I am going to become one.  I may begin to vote, but that also means I am going to have to start informing myself.  I don't like minding people's opinion and  I am love to contradict public opinion so that is going to be a fete.

Anyway,  for now I am wondering.... How can I become a caution, balance person, but still be dedicated to my work and activities?

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