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02 December 2011

The world goes 'round

This morning I was chatting with a friend and an interesting phrases came to my mind, ran through my fingers, pressed on the key of my laptop, and appeared on my screen: "I'm just doing my parting helping the world go 'round".  What a crazy phrase!  Afterwards I thought about what I meant by saying something like that.  It comes out that it is a key signature of my key philosophy.

See, the world going around, or rotating is a very important phenomenon. Without it, life would be very different because  there would be no change from day and night.  Half of the world would be in utter darkness and except for a few rarities, nothing would grow.  It would be a cold dark place.  The other half, the day half would also struggle to live because it would have too much light, too much day.  It would be extremely hot, and it would be hard to rest.  This would have its toil on the growing cycles on plants and animals.  Things would be pretty horrible. Symbolically, doing your part to help the world go 'round is extremely important.

On the other hand, it is not.  See, the world rotates without our help.  The earth is capable of maintaining its cycles (life, death; night, day; growing, resting etc...) without us.  The Creator was very clever at giving us essentials without demanding any input from us.  So on the other hand, doing your part to help the world go 'round is essentially vain... it amounts to nothing.

So there you have it.  My balanced approach to life.  I am both important and essentially nothing. What I do is extremely vital but it can be replaced.  The way I help others can mean the different between life and death but at the same time, without me, the cycles of life would continue.

So my challenge for you READER is this:  Go about your life doing your part to make the world go 'round.  Remember that you are both crucial and unnecessary.

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