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05 December 2011


So the semester is over.   I have to write to more papers, one on how gender roles work in a short story given my my lecturer, and the other on a topic of my choice based on the novel Dreaming In Cuban. Other then that, it is time to think about the wedding. Nine weeks to go people.

I realize that I Beloved and I are two very different people.  I am a tough fighting go getter.  I am working hard to make something of myself. Beloved is relational.  He hates running around getting things done.  He would much rather relax and smell the roses.  I always loved this about him. Last weekend, I learned to cherish this quality in him at a all new level.

See, Saturday I worked, as usual in the health food store.  It was a busy day and I was feeling good. we had many customers and a lot of shelves to stock and products to re-bag.  I should have watched out because that mixed with a couple of other realities mixed together to cause one massive headache.  Now I get migraines from time to time.  Usually I take a hot and cold shower and sleep it off.  This time, however, it was like a volcanic explosion in my head.  None of my home remedies helped.  Beloved, who usually drives me home after work so a) I can quickly take a shower and go out again or b) we can hang out with Mamita. This Saturday night however, we went to the hospital. Beloved took me, despite my protest when I began to choke on my vomit. Mamita called the Doc in Guatemala, who spoke to the nurse, who, at minutes to 9 pm administered some strong drugs that eased the pain and put me to sleep almost instantly.  I know such unprofessional medical practices would unset some of my American friends, but really, if the Doc knows what I need, do I really have to go through the whole emergency scene and spend hundreds of dollars?

Beloved took me home and put me to bed. I don't remember him leaving.  I remember being half awake and knowing he was gone, but I was too asleep to protest. The next morning I woke up at 11 am!  That's right I spent 14 hours.  I felt real dizzy. Almost loopy. I called Beloved and he came right over.  All day he was my person nurse,giving me water, making sure I ate, make sure I did not eat too many sweets, took me for a walk around the block.  He was good and gentle and sweet.  Mix that with the worried boyfriend who held my head back when I tried to vomit and carried me into the hospital because the pain in my head was too much to stand, and you have a winner.  I love my man.  I love the way that he puts our relationship at the forefront of everything.

We may not have the biggest house to live in after we are married, but you know what, we can work together to build our dream house. I love my beloved and he is mine.....

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Reema said...

kudos to your fiancee. he is a keeper :)